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The Peachy Keen Team

Summer, Delaney, and Leah met studying Entrepreneurship at Loyola Marymount University, where they realized they all shared a passion to change the fashion industry to be more inclusive and socially responsible. They couldn’t find a brand that provided comfort, style, and support for women of all sizes, so they decided to make one themselves. Peachy Keen Swim is an all inclusive swimwear line rooted in body positivity and women empowerment.

As business owners who aim to empower women, we are saddened by the fact that many major brands on the market produce swimwear in overseas sweatshops where the women manufacturing the products don’t have access to a safe work environment or fair pay.

We wanted to create a solution for these problems by developing a swimwear company that empowers individuals throughout every step of the process, from those who make our suits, to those who wear our suits. Peachy Keen Swim is produced sweatshop free in Garden Grove, California. We are proud to know that our manufacturers are being paid fairly and that jobs are being provided in our local area.

To prove our commitment to celebrating women of all body types, we created a revolutionary size chart that labels sizes based on words of empowerment instead of traditional numerical sizes. Your Peachy Keen Size is designed to encourage you to love your body.