Why It's ok to Say: New Year, Same Me 10 Ways to Not Let New Year Diet Culture Affect Your Wellbeing

Alright babes, we’re just a few hours away from 2019. We hope you’re excited about the new year and the celebrations that come with it whether you’re finding the perfect NYE dress for a night out with the girls, planning to stay home and cozy, or dreaming about that midnight kiss but before all that, let’s talk about resolutions.

Resolutions are a great way to self-motivate and keep yourself accountable, BUT they also tend to demotivate, intimidate, and force bad habits. Commonly, resolutions stem from the things we may not like and want to change about ourselves and framing an intensive to-do list within the bounds of negative feelings almost always sets us up for failure. A really common resolution is to lose weight or change our bodies and if you have a personal goal to maintain a healthier lifestyle, hit the gym a few times a week, or pack more muscle onto your glutes that’s great! Go for it! But don’t let the negative stigma around resolution-induced diet culture get you feeling insecure about your beautiful self. Never forget that all that matters is how good you feel in your own skin. With that said, here are 10 tips to help you skip those resolution-blues:

1) When coming up with a resolution, start small and make sure it’s something YOU want to do. Not something someone else is forcing you to do.

2) If you have a fitness-related resolution, make it about the process and not the outcome. To say you want to lose X-number of pounds can be daunting no matter how big or small the number. Focus on making yourself happy, whatever that means to you, and not about a final end goal.

3) Stay away from fad diets and reject diet culture entirely. Those detox teas, diet pills, and ‘lose the holiday weight in 7 days’ are more likely to set you up for failure. If you’re working to improve any aspect of your life, it takes time and that’s ok. As I mentioned above, it’s about the process, not the outcome. Sometimes it’s as easy as: "I got 10 minutes in the gym today when I didn’t even feel like getting out of bed". Don’t risk your mental health just to cede to superficial body standards. Focus on body positivity and your mind will be positive, too.

4) LOSING WEIGHT/GAINING MUSCLE/CHANGING YOUR BODY IS NOT THE ULTIMATE ROUTE TO HAPPINESS AND FULFILLMENT. Happiness starts from within, don’t let resolution commercials or advertisements at the grocery store trick you into thinking otherwise (all they care about is making money anyway).

5) Don’t put yourself down for enjoying yourself around the holidays. You’re not “naughty” for having a slice or two of pie and you don’t have to lose any extra weight you gained because you were enjoying yourself. Eat what you want, you deserve it. Treat yourself is the mantra AF this time of year, don’t feel bad about it!

6) Choose resolutions that uplift your mind and spirit. For example, find a mantra that you can say to yourself in the mirror every morning. “I am enough.” “I am worthy of all I desire.” “I am a badass bitch that can’t be stopped.” “My body is powerful, strong, and beautiful because it’s mine.”

7) A new year does NOT have to mean a new you. A new year can literally just be another rotation around the sun. It’s totally ok to say, “New year, same me. Cause I’m happy.”

8) Whatever you choose for your resolution, if you do choose to have one, be kind to your mind and your body. That’s most important.

9) Instead of making this time of year focused on the things we want to change or achieve, why not make it about what we’re grateful for? What did you do this year that you’re really proud of? Who do you have in your life that makes you feel happy and empowered? Nothing is more empowering than admiring all you’ve already got, especially when you worked hard to get it. TIP: For 2019, start the year with an empty jar. Every time something good happens write it down and slip it in the jar. By the end of next year, you'll hopefully have a jar full of things to be grateful for!

10) You’re fabulous, girl. This may not have been the easiest year, or it may have been the best year of your life. Either way, you’re still standing and you’re looking good doing it. It’s never a question of changing for others or unrealistic standards, it’s always about you and how you’re feeling. Be healthy, be happy, be unapologetically you because you’re the only person who is exactly you and that’s so powerful. Let’s put 2018 to bed and ride into 2019 like Beyoncé did on a black stallion in her ‘Run the World’ video cause ladies, WE RUN THIS!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR’S from Peachy Keen Swim!