Who Doesn't Love a DIY Face Mask.. Well, We've Got 5

Author: Sheryne Nachawati

We all hate when our skin is just not cooperating with us.. "How do we fix it?" is the question that we're all faced with. Face masks are one of the most fun and effective ways to start clearing up your skin. But, sometimes the prices of the face masks start to add up.. less fun. You know what that means.. It's time to DIY!! Since, different face masks have different functions, we decided to give you a couple different options based on what you're looking for! Ready??

Exfoliate and Hydrate

12 grapes + 1 teaspoon of flour + 15 minutes

Grapes.. WHAT?? YES GRAPES. Here's what you have to do.. Mush the grapes in a bowl and mix it with a teaspoon of flour. This is perfect for those of you who have sensitive skin, but also want to be able to exfoliate without getting dry and patchy. The grapes act as a gentle exfoliator because it's filled with weak acids. The vitamin E in the grapes are what brings the moisture and hydration to the table. Who knew?? Grapes..

Texture and Tone

1 tablespoon plain yogurt + 1 tablespoon honey + 1 tablespoon turmeric powder + 15 minutes

This one if for helping with uneven texture and tone. The plain yogurt has lactic acids, which helps get rid of dead skin and tighten your pores. Plain yogurt is also antibacterial, so it is guaranteed to help clean up your face! Honey helps with moisture. But, the star of the show is going to be the turmeric powder. No, your face will not turn absurdly yellow.. What it will do, is help even pigmentation!


1 tablespoon of cacao powder + 1/4 papaya + a squeeze of aloe vera gel + 15 minutes

Cacao.. good in smoothies and also good for boosting circulation in your face. Papaya is full of exfoliating enzymes, vitamin A and papain. It helps get rid of dead skin cells and inactive proteins, rehydrating your skin and bringing it some glow! Aloe vera is packed with vitamins. It has vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12... If that means anything to you... These vitamins give radiance and hydration. And not to mention, soothes your skin an just feels nice.

Pore Minimizing

1/2 a cup of oatmeal + teaspoon of nutmeg + teaspoon of garlic + 15 minutes

All you DIY fanatics out there know that oatmeal is a great exfoliator. But, did you know that nutmeg is an anti-inflammatory with antiseptic properties. This gives it properties that also help minimize scarring and reduce the sight of pimples. Why do you need the garlic, you ask? It is AMAZING for minimizing pores. It is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and is also an antiseptic. Garlic also has allicin, which don't worry i've looked up for you, helps kill the bacteria that causes acne. It also helps with inflammation and helps increase blood circulation. And this mask doesn't smell as awful as you would assume.. don't take my word for that..

Hydrate and Nourish

1/2 an avocado + teaspoon of honey + handful of oats + 15 minutes

Basically, you mush the avocado until smooth and mix the ingredients up in a bowl. Avocado is filled with a surplus of oils that will be helpful in nourishing the skin. The honey is used to promote healing and tissue regeneration, while moisturizing the skin. Oats are used as the exfoliator and also have healing and moisturizing properties. Leave this face mask on for 15 minutes and you're guaranteed to have a more hydrated face!

Put on your favorite Netflix show and try out one of these face masks.. or all of them.. but not at the same time.. HAPPY FACE MASKING!!