Standout Body-Positive Moments of 2018

Ladies, it’s no secret that 2018 has been kind of weird. Some moments were definitely better than others and among the top moments were women reclaiming their bodies and rejecting unrealistic body standards. On social media, we could call 2018 the ‘Year of the Clapback’ because celebrities from Chrissy Teigen to Busy Phillips took the time to call out sour body-shamers. Let’s look at some awesome body-positive moments from this year that prove that this isn’t just the year of the woman, it’s the beginning of an era.

Moment #1: The CEO of all-inclusive lingerie brand, ThirdLove, clapping back at Ed Razek’s (Executive VP of public relations at Victoria’s Secret) comments on staying away from diversity and inclusivity in their brand. Heidi Zak, CEO of ThirdLove, took out an ad in the Sunday New York Times in response to Razek’s comments. In regard to the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Razek commented that there is no interest in casting curvy or transgender models because the show is meant to be a fantasy. He also commented that inclusivity is nothing more than a way for competitors to be “snarky”. He also called out Zak’s brand saying, “…We’re nobody’s third love. We’re their first love. And Victoria’s Secret has been women’s first love from the beginning.”

Heidi Zak had a really powerful response stating her inclusivity is NOT just a trend and her brand goes beyond a 42 minute fantasy into real, everyday life. Read the whole letter here:

Moment #2: Inclusivity took over New York Fashion Week. We saw different body types with different abilities on the catwalk this year, a refreshing sight that proves a shift in the industry. Mama Cax (Teen Vogue’s September cover star) modeled for Chromat, Patrick Starr looked fabulous as always modeling for The Bonds, and of course Ashley Graham killed it modeling for Michael Kors.

Mama Cax modeling for Chromat at NYFW '18

Moment #3: After having baby #2, Chrissy Teigen got real about her mom bod. As a mother myself, I can say the pressure put on by women in the spotlight that lose their baby weight in a matter of months is real. Chrissy Teigen used her voice to point out that her stretchmarks aren’t going anywhere, and this is her body.

Moment #4: Jameela Jamil from “The Good Place” had a lot to say this year from calling out detox teas to starting the “I Weigh” campaign. Jamil’s “I Weigh” campaign started with a picture of all six Kardashian women and their respective weights. Six women who have built an empire were reduced to how much they weigh and whether or not their weights are ‘ok’. The caption of this pic was asking viewers to compare the women to each other and to themselves. Pretty messed up. Jamil makes it clear that “I Weigh” is not simply about body positivity but life positivity. The challenge consists of posting a picture of yourself with all of the things you are grateful for or proud of written all over it.

In addition to “I Weigh”, Jamil called out the unnecessary hype around detox teas. In a parody Instagram post, Jamil is bragging about how these teas have caused her to lose 35 pounds in 3 days and she’s been able to eat whatever she wants, in the next video she’s sitting on the toilet doing some major ‘detoxing’. While these teas may have their benefit, they’re often mismarketed causing users to be uninformed about what exactly they actually do. Love to Jameela for keeping it real and starting a movement.

Check out the I Weigh Instagram: @i_weigh

You can find Jamil’s parody detox tea vids right here.

Jameela's own "I weigh" post on the "I weigh" instagram (@i_weigh)

oment #5: Sarah Hyland & Selena Gomez are just two of the women this year that have gotten real about the chronic illnesses they deal with and how their bodies are affected. Sarah Hyland recently released an interview in Self magazine where she gets very candid about her chronic illness, kidney dysplasia. Hyland has had around 16 surgeries in her 28 years of life including two kidney transplants. She’s been very open this year, posting about her scars and her struggles and we’re so grateful she’s started this dialogue. Check out Hyland's Self article here, it's an essential read.

Sarah's caption reads: "Hi. My name is Sarah & I'm EXTRA #bigdickenergy #showyourscars #actnatural"

Selena Gomez has been open about her chronic battle with Lupus and publicly went through a kidney transplant. After the transplant, haters tried to mock Gomez about her weight gain. Gomez had a beautiful response to the haters in a video she posted on her Instagram saying, “I chose to take care of myself because I want to, not to prove anything to anyone.”

Moment #6: In response to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and Ed Razek’s messed up comments, Khrysytana Kazakova organized The Real Catwalk. The Real Catwalk is a body positive, inclusive fashion show that took place in Times Square about a month ago. This wasn’t the first Real Catwalk from Kazakova but it was certainly the biggest. Models of all shapes, sizes, orientations, genders, and more strutted through Times Square; everyone and anyone was welcome to join, a stark contrast to the Victoria’s Secret show casting. Over 200 people came out in support and brands donated outfits, this event was both well-deserved and well-received. Kazakova said, “Every one of us is on our individual path of self-love and expression, and I am happy that this platform that we collectively created serves as a safe space and home for us to just be, celebrate our being.” Kazakova’s mindset is absolutely beautiful and desperately needed.

One of the models at this year's The Real Catwalk

Moment #7: A real moment that can certainly be appreciated is body-positive model Iskra Lawrence eating a burger in her underwear. Hats off to Iskra for breaking the stigma that one must never indulge themselves in order to be beautiful. There is nothing you can eat that will make you less beautiful or less worthy. Indulge yourself. Be proud of yourself and your body. And don’t ever feel like you have to starve yourself in order to matter.

Moment #8: With another model moment, Nina Agdal was body shamed by a magazine and she spoke publicly about it. A magazine she had previously worked with told her they would no longer work with her because she didn’t look exactly like she did in her portfolio and didn’t fit into the sample-sized clothing. Although Agdal’s career as a model is very successful, she admits that the industry is insensitive and unrealistic. She knows her body, she’s confident in her body and her skin and she’s feeling healthy and happy because of it. This is the kind of attitude all of us should have, no matter what we do or don’t fit in. Agdal, just like everyone else, admits that her size fluctuates and embraces her curves and only works out to be strong and sane. Check out Agdal's instagram post expressing her disappointment:

Agdal posted this pic on her Instagram with a statement of disappointment and one of her hashtags was: #mybodymybusiness

All of the women in this post and millions of others are paving the way for acceptance. These stories that I've shouted out above are examples of how every single one of us has, is, or will struggle with insecurities that stem from incredibly unrealistic standards that both men and women face. Let's go into 2019 saying F*CK those standards and just be ourselves, that's when we look our best.

For all my Office stans out there: remember the weight loss episode where Kelly basically starves herself and intentionally swallows what she thinks is a tape worm? While this episode was funny AF, there was a real moment in there that taught a big lesson. When Michael has Kelly stand up on a chair during a conference room meeting and has everyone tell her what they like about her, you can see the compliments feed her smile. Amazing how a few positive words can completely change the way you see yourself. For 2019, give yourself the compliments, don't wait for others to give them to you. If you like your purple dress, your nails, and your ass: tell your damn self cause your opinion on you is the only one that matters.