Need something to watch on Netflix?

Happy Sunday,#peachybabes! As I’ve said, Sunday’s are great for relaxing and doing whatever makes you happy before heading into the week. If you’re spending the day at home, here are some Netflix movies and TV shows with strong female leads and/or important stories to tell that you should check out.

1) Juanita

This powerful film is about a hardworking mom on a path of self-discovery. Tired of her dead-end job at a nursing home and her three, unemployed, adult children, Juanita heads west to Montana to focus on herself and what can fulfill her. The film offers an array of characters we don’t normally see on any screen and a location of the same uniqueness. We admire a woman determined to find happiness on her own accord, check out this movie if you share the same admiration.

2) Workin’ Moms

Workin’ Moms is a Canadian comedy series centered on four women who – you guessed it – are working moms. It’s a realistic telling of these women returning to work after their maternity leave. The show is honest, giving it a vibe of dark humor at times – topics such as postpartum depression, abortion, breastfeeding, and body image are discussed. The show creator, Catherine Reitman, didn’t just want to tell the story of the working mother in all their ambition, she wanted to showcase the very real challenges that working mothers face. The opening scene of the first episode is three of the women comparing their changed breasts in the middle of a Mommy-and-Me class. It’s real, it’s funny, and it’s great for binging.

3)Grace and Frankie

In 2015, this unique yet funny series starring Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda debuted. Tomlin and Fonda’s characters, despite never being fond of each other in the past, find each other as comfort when they learn their longtime husbands are not only gay but in love with each other. On the one hand, these two women are facing divorce, learning that their husbands had longtime affairs, and facing life alone; on the other, they are establishing new identities and relationships without hiding behind their husbands. It’s an awkward journey for them but it’s also empowering and funny to watch so don't be confused, this is not solely for the older crowd. At the heart of it, it's the importance of female friendship, the strength that bond gives us. This one is another great candidate for binging, but jump on it because the show it already 5 seasons in.


Lionheart is a Nigerian film starring and directed by Genevieve Nnaji, a big star in Nollywood (Nigerian movie industry). An executive at her father’s bus company, Nnaji’s character must fight for her father’s company after he suffers a heart attack. Nnaji’s character is overlooked as the most deserving to run the company (she’s proven her strengths in making a profit and management), and the role is given to her uncle. However, once learning that the company is struggling, she must work with her uncle to save the company and the family name. Something that stood out to us about this film is the inherent struggle of women in the workplace, Nnaji found a way to sharply and comically address this issue as well as the issue of a young woman wanting to honor her family while also desiring to assert her own role.

5) Audrie & Daisy

This one is certainly hard to sit through but it offers a very real look into the rape culture in America. This documentary follows four separate rape cases of teenage girls, two of which – the cases of Audrie Pott and Daisy Coleman – resulted in suicide, tragically Audrie’s suicide did result in death. Many of the authorities interviewed in this documentary, including the sheriff, had a very ‘boys will be boys’ type of attitude showing the systemic issue behind rape culture in the US. The focus was placed on making sure the boys’ futures weren’t drastically altered by the girls’ allegations despite the severity and seriousness of each case. You read that right, the boys’ futures couldn’t be altered yet these young women were already going to suffer drastically altered futures, suicide was involved, there should be no room for a ‘slap on the wrist’ kind of attitude. After their assaults, the girls are victims of severe bullying, harassment, and ludicrous treatment. In no way is this a light viewing but it is a necessary one, it’s an intense telling of the struggles these young women faced and continue to face.

No matter the journey, no matter the circumstance, no matter the woman, all five of these stories show the strengths that women possess and the problems we face. Not every story is a victory, some end in tragedy, but every story is important and every story should be told. Whatever your preference, we recommend you check one or more of these out and have the type of Sunday that reinvigorates you and sends you into this week feeling strong and ready for whatever may come.