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For today’s blog, we decided we wanted to profile some inspirational women CEOs. As I set out to find some CEO’s behind our favorite companies, I was astonished to see how few women I saw. I googled tons of companies in multiple industries and the pattern was strongly male.

According to Forbes, the number of women in charge of the largest companies has always been small but out of the Fortune 500 companies today there are only 24 women CEO’s. Outside of the Fortune 500, Careeraddict.com estimates that only 7.8% of CEO’s are women in the US. It is clear that these small numbers are larger than any one woman’s individual choices, workplace biases are a great factor in all of this. But instead of focus on the issues behind these numbers, we want to highlight 5 women that absolutely impress and inspire us

1) Lynsi Snyder

Ever heard of In-N-Out? If you’re from or have ever been to the West Coast, chances are you’ve heard of this mega burger chain. In-N-Out has remained a family run business since its start in 1948 and Snyder is the heir to the iconic chain. She officially took over as president in 2010 and has expanded to over 80 locations ever since. Snyder sees herself as a guardian to the chain because she wants to preserve the desires of her grandparents who founded the chain. Snyder has a 99% approval rating on Glassdoor.com and is ranked number 4 on Glassdoor’s list of top bosses at large companies. Taking over the company at age 27, Snyder has done a fabulous job of maintaining In-N-Out’s loyal customer base while also expanding into new territories such as Texas and Oregon. Check out the rest of Snyder’s story here: Forbes.com.

2) Daniella Vitale

Starting in February of 2017, Vitale became CEO of fashion giant Barney’s. She started as a chief merchant in 2010 and moved on to COO in 2013. During her time as COO, the brand’s e-commerce division grew tenfold due to her overseeing the retailer’s digital portfolio and merchandising structure. Barney’s certainly sees Vitale as an asset as they’ve dubbed her role as CEO as the best leadership in the industry. When Vitale stepped into her role, she was very decisive about what moves were to be made and where focus was to be placed such as emphasizing the use and importance of data within the company to better serve and understand the customer. Vitale’s certainly an inspiration for business men AND women, take away the gender roles and what we have here is a highly qualified, highly experienced, intelligent, driven individual that is an obvious heir to the CEO throne. If you’re interested in Vitale’s strategy plan when she first started her role as CEO, check out this article at Businessoffashion.com.

3) Pam Shamshiri

Pam Shamshiri of Studio Shamshiri, named one of Architectural Digest’s Best of The Best (The Top 100 Architects and Designers of The Year), got her start as a set designer in New York where she got her MFA in production design for film. Set production taught her how to communicate a narrative or mood via design, she applies this same approach to her design. Shamshiri places an emphasis on having a great team, collaboration is an important part of the design process. We love that Shamshiri emphasizes the importance of boundaries and taking care of oneself as well as the business she is passionate about. To peek inside her creative and innovative mind, check out this Architectural Digest article. To learn more about her style, her approach to work-life balance, taking care of herself, and what she values, check out Apieceapart.com.

4) Galit Laibow

CEO and co-founder of Foodstirs modern baking, another co-founder of the brand is Sarah Michelle Gellar, Laibow is an experienced entrepreneur that focuses on building trusted consumer brands which is not a simple task. Laibow admits she’s always been driven and entrepreneurial but becoming a mother changed the nature of her leadership and the way she sees and thinks about business. It was a successful shift because it led to the creation of Foodstirs – Laibow, Gellar, and third founder Greg Fleishman found baking as a way to connect and bond with their kids. Often in the business world, becoming a mother is seen as an obstacle that negatively impacts the course of a woman’s career yet the same thing is not said of men. We appreciate that Laibow credits her success to becoming a mother because motherhood makes women stronger, it certainly does not take away any potential, it adds to it. We love the idea that it led to Laibow becoming a better businesswoman. To learn more about Laibow, check out this interview from Huffington Pos

5) Ellie Dinh

Girlfriend Collective made an explosive social media impact in 2016 when they started giving away free leggings to followers. Today these leggings are upwards of $60, clearly Girlfriend Collective has had tremendous growth. Dinh is the cofounder and creative director behind Girlfriend Collective. The business started with the desire to create a conscious clothing brand, their leggings are made of recycled plastic bottles. Something else we love about this brand is they don’t retouch or alter their model’s bodies. Dinh holds firm on her company’s core beliefs and hasn’t deviated from that through her company’s young life. We love that she’s not about profits, she’s about positive change – something that aligns with our views at Peachy Keen Swim. For more about her views on motherhood in the workplace, the future of Girlfriend Collective, and her goals check out this awesome article: Insideoutwomen.com.

These five women are among others that are making inspirational moves. We love their stories for different reasons but overall, they’re contributing to women in the workplace and that’s something we can absolutely get behind.

Who are some of your favorite businesswomen?