Heard of Kristen Leo? Here’s 6 Must-Watch Vids From Her YouTube…

Happy Sunday, #peachybabes! We're wondering if you've heard of Kristen Leo?

Last week, in our blog about ethical fashion and sweatshop labor, we highlighted a video from ethical living activist, Kristen Leo. Self proclaimed to care too much and have no chill, she posts about important dialogues, bringing awareness to pressing issues that many of us often don’t even think about. She calls out brands such as H&M on their false ‘consciousness’, gives tips on dressing sustainably, discusses veganism and the meat/dairy industries, as well as dives into wanderlust, hair and makeup, personal life experiences, and more! Her videos are informative, enjoyable to watch, and some of the pressing issues are even summed up in under 5 minutes for quick and easy yet honest digestion of the topic material

Here we’re posting 6 of our favorites from her YouTube but we highly recommend checking out her page to see what your favorites are and to see if you can learn some major things from her work.

1) Think sustainability is unattainable in your life? Think again! This one’s a bit longer than 5 minutes but we love how Kristen spells out only 5 tips on how to make your life more sustainable.

2) This video is a travel vlog from Kristen’s trip to Bali paired with the audio from Alan Watt’s speech “The Pursuit of Pleasure”. It’s relaxing and has some beautiful visuals (minus the bit at the end where she talks about getting pneumonia but hey thanks for keeping it real, Kristen!), get ready to feel some wanderlust after watching this one!

3) Unsure of what brands in your closet have been caught using sweatshops after reading last week’s blog? Check out this video by Kristen to learn about the most popular brands that have been caught. Again, we're not telling what you can and can't wear, nor are we trying to dictate what brands you buy from or shame you. We just think it's important to inform, knowledge is power!

4) We love this video because Kristen breaks things down even more! She understands that implementing changes isn’t easy. Here’s 7 tips on how to dress sustainably on a budget, because let’s be real, part of fast fashion’s allure is that cheap price tag.

5) Make-up junkies! Kristen’s got videos for you, too. Here’s a dewy makeup tutorial using only cruelty free and vegan makeup products.

6) Kristen’s most viewed video is this look into the future: Kristen’s morning routine in the year 2050. A world where sustainability and ethical living weren’t taken seriously enough. It’s a little dark but it’s real and there’s some humor, plus it’s under 5 minutes so check it out!

What do you think? We recommend exploring her YouTube page to see what appeals to you! She covers so many topics in a real, honest, relatable way whether it's hair and makeup, wanderlust, ethical fashion, her diet & lifestyle, veganism, and more! After you check her out or if you're an avid watcher already, come back and let us know which videos are your favs!

Enjoy your Sunday babes and remember, OUR FIRST SUIT IS COMING SOON!!!

For Kristen's Youtube, click here.

For Kristen's Instagram, click here.