5 Times Abbi and Ilana Reminded Us It’s Ok To Be Who We Are

*If you haven’t started Broad City yet OR if you have started it but haven’t gotten to the series finale yet, be warned there are a FEW SPOILERS in this blog*

For anyone that followed Broad City over the last 5 years, you know that the show had its series finale this past Thursday night. It truly is the end of an era, an era of two women that taught us to embrace our weirdness, boldness, and even messiness. For me, Abbi and Ilana symbolized the journey of young women unapologetically finding their identities in a time where that journey is expected by society to be very apologetic and very controlled. These two women were refreshingly raw, honest, imperfect, and funny AF; literal KWEENS.

We observed the importance of having a supportive, non judging best friend, the exploration of sexual identity, the navigation of modern-day relationships, and the journey of embracing womanhood. Broad City was an excellent release at the end of the day, watching hilarious escapades between two best friends but it also really covered a lot of the pain points that women go through in their 20s. Furthermore, it allowed women to view parts of womanhood that are commonly experienced but not commonly celebrated on screen or in society. Not only did Abbi and Ilana show us those moments but they did it in a unique and loving way that reminded viewers how dope we women are.

Something I really, really loved was how dedicated Ilana was to helping Abbi become the confident young woman she was by that final episode – boldly going solo to a completely new state and environment to figure out her passion. Their journey wasn’t perfect, there were a lot of awkward scenarios from Ilana accidentally wearing a dog hoodie at work to Abbi accidentally killing her boss’s cat and many, many more but the outcome was two women figuring out what they want out of life and how they want it. Here are 5 times Abbi and Ilana were so incredibly real:

1) Their perfect response when a random man tells them to smile

2) The countless times they reinforced that sexuality is a personally-defined spectrum

3) When they realized dating can be whatever they want it to be

4) Their pride for their Jewish heritage which is clear throughout all five seasons

5) The love story that is Abbi and Ilana's relationship. A friendship that everyone deserves to find.

So, we have to say goodbye to Broad City but here’s to the new generation of women that Abbi and Ilana have ushered in. A generation where women can own who they are, whether it be awkwardly or unabashedly.