13 Black Artists to Follow On Instagram

Side-by-side images of artwork by Kendra Dandy and Arinze Stanley


Remember when we thought quarantining and socially distancing would only last a few months...how young we were, how naïve. Now we're on month seven and, if you're anything like me, you're probably getting bored of seeing the same old high school friends and celebrities on your Instagram feed day after day. Like me, you're probably wondering how you can make your social media more stimulating and interesting (wow, I can't believe we're so similar). If that's the case, good news! We've found thirteen Instagram accounts of amazing artists so you can shape your Instagram feed into something that inspires you and makes you think!

Kenturah Davis

Davis is a true globetrotter, working on not one, not two but three coasts (Los Angeles, New Haven and Ghana, respectively). And her art is just as worldly, exhibited across Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia and North America. Check out her Instagram to see how she uses portraits to explore design and form!

Vashti Harrison


Harrison is not just an artist, but an author and filmmaker as well. You may recognize her style from the book version of the heart-warming Pixar short, “Hair Love.” Seeing her soft and simple drawing style on your feed in the morning will inspire you to act a little kinder and a little softer towards your fellow human beings.  

Basil Kincaid


Kincaid is on a self-proclaimed journey to explore and understand himself and his heritage, both “within the African Diaspora” and within the “scaffolding of [the] American experience.” To do so, he uses found and donated materials to quilt and create, making pieces that ask us to explore our connections to one another and to our ancestry.  

Danielle Coke

Graphic design lovers, this one’s for you! Coke’s Instagram features colorful quotes, reminders and infographics, allowing you to learn and reflect while taking in some art.

Nikki Chu


If you’re one of those people who’s obsessed with HGTV, check out Nikki Chu’s instagram! The Los Angeles-based designer and artist fills her feed with a mixture of home design and gorgeous wall art that’s sure to inspire your next trip to Ikea. 

Reyna Noriega


Incorporating elements from cubism, pop and modern art, Noriega draws inspiration from the women around her to create beautiful and simple artworks that explore femininity.

Laolu Senbanjo


If you’ve seen Beyoncé’s Lemonade, you’re familiar with Senbanjo’s work. His style draws heavily on traditional Yoruba and Nigerian design to create captivating, intricate pieces. And Senbanjo's talents don't just end with visual arts. According to his website, the Brooklyn-based creative also works as a songwriter, performance artist, human rights lawyer, and activist. 



Dreph is interested in what he calls “contemporary portraiture,” using oil painting and murals to portray his subjects empathetically and honestly. And not only will following him add some street art to your feed, it will also provide you with clips from Ted Talks, lectures and films that he’s been a part of so you can learn while you scroll.

Alexander Ikhide


As a multidisciplinary visual artist, Ikhide combines collage, portraiture, digital design and more to create pieces that will add a little surrealism to your Instagram feed. The London-based creative uses that surrealism to examine the effects of the African Diaspora.

Arinze Stanley


Like Ikhide, Stanley’s portraits veer into the surreal. His hyper-realistic pieces use only pencil and paper, but they’re anything but simple. Instead, his monochromatic pieces explore themes of social and political activism, drawing inspiration from Stanley's own life experiences as well as the experiences of those around him.



I love fonts. I love bold design. Therefore, I love Edinah's work. Edinah makes the type of works I want to print out and tape up on my wall the second they come on my Instagram feed. Even her website is a work of art. Honestly, leave some talent for the rest of us.

Kendra Dandy


Looking for ways to fill your living space with art? The Philadelphia-based artsist offers not just prints of her work for your walls, but pillows, chairs, mugs, bath mats and more. Check out her website if you want to see her work on more than just your Instagram feed!

Lina Iris Viktor

One of my favorite artists of all time is Gustav Klimt, and maybe that's why I've saved my favorite, Lina Iris Viktor, for last. But even though her use of metallic gold and black throughout her pieces reminds me of Klimt, her works are 100% her own, using a mix of canvas, paints, and metals to create her pieces.

From graphic designers to interior decoraters to photographers, we've included an artist for everyone and, hopefully you found a bit of inspiration and thought in these accounts. Instagram can definitely drain you, but it can also be a tool for fostering creativity and self-growth, and these artists will definitely help you do that!

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